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Since 1957, Perry Commercial has been one of Chicago's most active commercial real estate brokerages and advisory firms.

Most brokers represent a tremendous amount of inventory, which can mean an assignment can be lost in the shuffle and active representation of a property is basically posting a sign and web marketing. There are a lot of disappointed owners of real estate who get frustrated with the prevailing transactional attitude inherent in much of the brokerage community.

We are the actual owner/investor of a significant inventory of real estate who have acute (and sometimes painful) first-hand knowledge of the dynamics of commercial real estate ownership, rather than someone who just took the time to take licensing class, order a bunch of signs and call themselves an "expert".

Our market and brokerage expertise combined with our unique advisory services component, provides unparalleled multi-dimensional platform for our client's advantage.

In 2018, Perry Commercial merged with CarriageWay Real Estate, a long-time developer and broker in the Chicago Metro area owned and operated by Wayne and Luke Johnson.

Luke Johnson is Managing Broker of Perry Commercial, LLC.  Tony Perry was a legacy CCIM and SIOR.  Joseph Perry was an SIOR prior to his transition into an advisory role in the firm.

Not your traditional commercial real estate broker...

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